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Webroot internet security essentials 2010 - won't let me use the virus scanner?


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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, by the way.

After an almighty virus rendered my laptop completely useless, with only a full system restore becoming the only available option (it was a wrap-around virus that latched onto a website advertising anti-virus software, and wouldn't let me do anything else), I bought a copy of Webroot's Internet security essentials 2010 to try and get rid of the virus.

After finally somehow tricking the virus and installing the software, I went onto the scan options page of the anti-virus software, only to find I couldn't select an anti-virus sweep - the text box was highlighted in red, and I couldn't tick the box.

Not that it mattered, because in the end, the virus was so powerful that a full system restore was the only way to get rid of it (bye-bye uni work, I'll forever curse the 'I'll back it up later' decisions I foolishly made).

Once it was all gone and the laptop was running again, I re-installed the software, but I still have the same problem - the anti-virus feature is turned off, and it won't let me turn it on.

Is this a problem anyone else has encountered? I thought that by registering the product, it would un-highlight the box, but it hasn't worked.

Can anyone help?

Thanks if you can.

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