What browser do you use?

What internet browser do you use?

  • Firefox 2

    Votes: 20 4.1%
  • Firefox 3

    Votes: 288 59.3%
  • IE6

    Votes: 6 1.2%
  • IE7/IE7 Pro

    Votes: 103 21.2%
  • IE8

    Votes: 76 15.6%
  • Opera

    Votes: 58 11.9%
  • Chrome

    Votes: 31 6.4%
  • Maxthon

    Votes: 8 1.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 60 12.3%
  • Browser...we don't need no stinking browser

    Votes: 7 1.4%

  • Total voters


Flim-Flam Man
Vista Guru
I've used Firefox for several years and love it....so what do you prefer. If I missed one on the poll please state which you use in your post.


New Member
I've been an Opera fan since it first appeared... though I have just rolled-back from Opera 9.50 as they have decided to remove suffixes from cache files... which means I can't mine in there to retrieve files....


Vista Guru
@Taf - check out the 9.51 RC1 details and see if they added it back in - 9.51 is going gold in a matter of days, if not hours.

As for me, I put down Fx 3, as it is my main browser, but I also have IE 7, am going to get IE 8 installed ,and have Opera, and a few others for compatibility sakes - SeaMonkey, Flock, GreenBrowser, and Fx 3 64bit and a few others.

I have also rebuilt my profile for Thunderbird and am using Tb 3 a1 exclusively - it is *extremely* faster than Tb2 - at least as much of a noticeable difference between Tb2 and Tb3 as there is from using Fx 2 and Fx 3.


Flim-Flam Man
Vista Guru
I have also rebuilt my profile for Thunderbird and am using Tb 3 a1 exclusively - it is *extremely* faster than Tb2 - at least as much of a noticeable difference between Tb2 and Tb3 as there is from using Fx 2 and Fx 3.

Good info on TB3, I used TB2 when I was on XP but liked the looks of Mail in Vista...I'll give TB3 a shot soon.


Vista Guru
I have 10 email addys with data going back to almost 10 years ago - I used to use Eudora and still miss some of the ease with which I could do things, but Thunderbird ha always worked for me in the last 3 years or so that I have been using it and thus I have never bothered taking a look at anything else.

The *main* reason I like it is that I keep my profiles on a separate HD - so, after a reinstall, I install TB, run it with the Profilemanager switch, create a new profile, nae it and point it to the existing directory on the other HD and *presto* - it's as if I never formatted and reinstalled. It *literally* picks up where it last left off, no configuration needed by me.

I have done this around 12 times with the same profile for Tb2 and now that I am building the new one I am incorporating a few changes (like naming the mail store folders after the account to it is easily traceable if I have an error), and will continue to keep it on a separate physical HD. I honestly do not see me going back to another product after having used Tb for so long and *liking* it.


Wrath Soul
1. Minefield 3.1a1pre (nightly builds-trunk)(x86)

2. FF/Minefield 3.0 (x64)

3. IE 8 beta (rarely use)


Vista Pro
Became a complete FF convert on XP and started using IE7 again now I have Vista and then only because it's 64-bit but the lack of flash has me leaning toward FF again.
Tried IE8 beta for a short while but started getting machine hangs and was running it in IE7 compatibility mode anyway.



Been using Firefox since version 1.0,but have tried Flock,Opera,and back in the mists of time,Netscape (some of their "fired" staff formed Mozilla?). :cool:


Vista Guru
I have used Firefox since it was called Phoenix and Firebird. Firefox 3 is the best browser by far but I would less happy if the extension "IE Tab" didn't exist!



New Member
I definitely prefer Firefox 3. I used to be an IE 8 beta user, but after trying Firefox I was hooked. Internet Explorer was WAY too slow and with all it's cool features who would go back to IE? I do admit, I still have IE on my computer, but I haven't used it for months!


New Member
As far as Acid 2 and 3 compliance I see issues with MS browsers. I get compliance with IE8 for Acid Two, however a lot of other wierd **** happens to fail, so I have rolled back to emulate IE7, since IE8 still fails the latest Acid 3 test. Cant win em all MS, sorry. Overall I am a IE7 user over Mozilla however. I use Vista 64 on a Quad machine maybe is why.


New Member
I use Firefox 3.0 i find it more stable and reliable then i.e, also there are some functional add-ons i find useful. like WOT and a few others.