What to do?


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I have just bought (built) a new pc thats all ready and willing for Vista.
I have managed to get hold of vista business from MSDN and in a an ideal world want to put the 64bit version on so im all future proof and what-not. Problem is there seems to be very limited support in the way of drivers for vista in any form (let alone x64) and obviously theres the question of what software will or wont run on it.
I also have a copy of XP x64 which seems to have more of a mention on the net as far as drivers go but ive been told that i cant just do an upgrade from that to vista and i see no point in building my new pc only to re-install windows and all my software a few months down the line.
Any suggestions on what id be better off doing with my currently OS-less box of bits? :confused:



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IMHO load up Vista, I have ran XP x64 and Vista and driver support it more or less the same - crap.

Just bite the bullet and get Vista on there, you know you want to lol.