Where to find Windows Mail in Backup File created by successful Recovery of Vista?


I recently had to to a Recovery of Windows Vista saving data, back to the 2008 level of Vista, using the Recovery partition on my Gateway laptop. The recovery created a 23gig Backup file with a subdirectory named by date and time, and including the files that had been under LOCAL DISK (C: ).

A previous post on this recovery is at:

I have been recovering these files one by one, but I cannot find the one containing my Windows Mail or Contacts.

So my question is: where are the old Windows Mail files and Contacts?

And how do I get them back into my current Windows Mail folder, which is working, but only with new mail.

Thanks for any assistance here,

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  • Manufacturer/Model
    Gateway model P-6301
    pentium dual
    2 g
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    realtek ?
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    17" laptop
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    Crucial SSD 250 g