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Why can't I see the Network security key?

In Manage wireless networks, I can't view the network security key, more acurately, the wep key for my apartments wi-fi. This is so stupid. I'm the administrator, then why can't I see it?

And the other thing is that when I click in the fill in bar that's when it let's you hit show characters, but the problem is it gets rid of the key.

So retarded I'm the administrator, the administrator.

For directions if I confused you: go to the internet connection icon in the bottom right of the screen, then go to network and sharing center. Then go to manage wireless networks. Then you right click the network, then you go to properties then you go to security, heres the problem it won't let me go with show characters. when you click in the bar it makes them dissapear. I lost the paper my apartment office gave me that has the key. So if I accedently delete it, i'm screwed, so any help. And why is it hidden if i'm the administrator also, that don't make no sense.
No, not really. What I meant was, I am trying to get the WEP code, but I seem to have lost my paper that the administrative office of my apartment complex gave us for the free wi-fi internet. I'm trying to view what that WEP key is so i can get on to it with my x-box. The only problem is is i go to properties for the internet connection they give us and when I try and see the code, i can't the problem is is also that it won't let you show characters in security. Is clearer?
Ok, let me try and word this as clearly as I can. Just like I say in the title, I cannot see my Network security key, that is the WEP key for my internet connection. I don't have access to the router or the modem or anything. I can only access the wi-fi connection because I live in an apartment complex. Now here's the problem, I want to connect my x-box to my network. The problem: I got a paper from the office with the new WEP key on it, but I've lost it. I obviously thought I'd have it so, I didn't bother memorizing it. Now when I go to Network and Sharing center i go to manage wireless networks and then I go to the connection and then i right click and pull up properties. Once there I go to the security tab. And in the typing bar where it says Network security key to the left there should be the hex key for the WEP. And it should be bullet, bullet, bullet, bullet, etc. Now here's the problem, the box that says Show characters, isn't available. That is, until you click in the bar and the text dissapears. And then the show text box is open. My problem here is that I don't know of a way I can get the WEP key, and very fustratingly, no one seems to have experienced this, so if any of you can figure this one out, well, thank you very much.