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Why does my computer skip/not register my keystrokes?

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Vista. When the computer starts up, everything works just fine. After a while, in Word, Internet pages, and e-mail my computer starts to skip letters as I type making my text look like a monkey was dancing on my keyboard. I have to go back and type one letter a minute, LITERALLY, to write a full correct sentence. This is extremely hindering and aggravating when it comes to typing college homework and even work related documents.
Clearing my internet Cache does not change it, not to mention that idea is redundant because this is effecting my non-internet software. Restarting the computer does fix it for a short while, but it starts up again later, and there must be abetter method instead of me having to restart my computer all the time.

And I know it is not due to "typing too fast". I know what the typical mstakes for that issue look like (ex: what i sthis), and mine are nothing like that. As an example of the missed keystrokes, here was a recent reply I was making to a friend via a chat:

"I sometimestae a break from myintene ad TV ad tr t get oudoo more often."

The sentence I was trying to write was;
"I sometimes try to take a break from my internet and TV, and I try to get outdoors more often."

As you can see, about half of the keystrokes are missing, including whole words, spaces, and punctuations.
The only program that registers all my keystrokes is my Notepad regardless of my typing speed. But that can get tedious having to type in Notepad, copy/paste it to Word, Spellcheck, and/or copy/paste it into my Web Browser.

Can someone PLEASE help me identify what is causing this and why this is happening?
Or should I just dump vista and go with Windows 7? Or does this issue happen with Windows 7 as well?


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Three things to check in order of priority

Go to search type device manager
Check the keboard drivers. Make sure they are up to date and no yellow warning markers by them
Run a full and updated antivirus scan
Download and do the same with malwarebytes
Try with a clean boot
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

Try in another user account, make sure it is not some sort of account corruption.

Post back with results

EDIT Try to test with another keyboard

Its not a Vista Issue.