WIFI connection on Sony VAIO


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1. Just bought a Sony VAIO TT series and was trying to get logged on to the MacDonalds (Cloud?) wifi. It took ages to go through the leaflet they provide and then I got the message network not available. I had to do all the steps manually there was no "wizard" or automatic connection. First time I've ever tried this.

When entering a wifi hotspot should the wireless network appear in Manage Wireless Networks? This certainly didn't happen in MacDonalds. My wireless switch on the laptop is turned to "on" but how do I know if it's working. It seems ridiculously difficult to find a wifi connection. Am I doing something wrong? Does each hotspot need this complicated manual configuration?

The laptop works fine at home with a router and i also have a broadband "3" mobile dongle which connects fine.

2. Also getting message "Windows Media Player has stopped working". Why? How can I fix this.

The laptop is brand new by the way.

Any help much appreciated. Advice in idiot format please for a non IT/PC beginner, thanks.

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