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Windows 7 - Widescreen Sometimes Doesn't Work


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Last week, my computer using Windows XP crashed after the MS updates were downloaded and could not be revived. MS withdrew the update. After several days there was no fix forthcoming from MS, plus the computer being several years old, my husband bought an e-machine with Windows 7 OS as a replacement.

All good, right? Wrong....we have a problem that we haven't been able to figure out.

We have an Acer AL2002W widescreen monitor set with screen resolution at the recommended 1680 X 1280.

No matter what browser we use - Firefox, Seamonkey or IE, many websites load and use only 1/2 of the screen. Some of these are very popular, widely used sites such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Hot Air.

However, on many other websites, the widescreen works perfectly - for instance, both The Drudge Report, Google Reader work perfectly and fill the entire screen. Which makes this difficult to diagnose.

We downloaded the latest driver for the monitor earlier today, rebooted - but the problem remains.

Does anyone have a fix?

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Thank you but that doesn't help....I've already tried myriad screen resolution display options. No changes make the widescreen display work consistently.

For instance, simple HTML emails from friends utilize the widescreen with no problem. More sophisticated emails, such as from SiteProNews or Amazon, utilize only 1/4th to 1/2 of the screen when displayed.

Some websites display on only 1/2 of my widescreen aligned on the left side of the screen, some use only a fourth or half the screen but are centered in the middle of the screen (for instance, this forum is centered but only takes up 1/2 of my screen). The centered displays are easier to read but all in all, neither is acceptable.

So I'm still looking for a solution.

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