Solved Windows defender - how do u turn it off??


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Windows defender is not allowing me to turn my symantec anti virus on. When i installed the anti virus, it automatically turned windows defender off i believe. I think there is a conflict there and they wont run at the same time. Somehow I turned WD back on, and now my symantec is off and wont go into auto protect mode.

I looked through all the security settings and cant seem to locate any option to disable WD.

I hate VISTA! just bought a new PC with it and have never been more frustrated. what in the hell is wrong with microsoft? do they enjoy making things worse? I wish i would have ordered one with XP. Im tempted to remove it
should have waited for windows 7, not to worry. go to start/ control panel/ then security centre then go to options for windows defender and turn it off

you should be nice and give me rep now top right hand corner of my box.


Hello mach1219 & welcome to our forum,
First let me say that a lot of us think Vista is a terrific program & we won't be moving on to the new Windows 7 OS in a hurry. [& we wouldn't return to XP either.]
If you have any further problems with your Vista you know where to come back to.;)

Now. To turn Defender off all you have to do is -
Go to Defender - Tools
- Options - scroll down to Real Time Protection Options, Use Real Time protection & Untick
- scroll further down to Administrator Options, Use Win Defender & untick
- click Save in bottom right hand corner.

Let me know how you go please.
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Thank you. It was rather well hidden compared to typical programs.
It appears to have fixed itself, as it and symantec were both ruinning together after a reboot.

I imagine vista 64 will grow on me, still going through the learning curve and having plenty of software compatibility issues.

not to mention my pc seems to be running hot (amd phenom 2 X4 2.8 GHZ, asus M3a78-em, 6 mb ram, on board grahics) as the fans are always going full speed and one of the mother board utilities is flashing a motherboard high temperature warning. I understand those temperqture monitors arent all that accurate, and it was staying under 112 farenhieght, so i think i may be ok

let me take this opportunity to ask if u even recommend useing WD? does it replace the need for periodic spyware sweeps?
if you have 6mb ram im sure you would be running into problems no, a good antivirus normally does both or something like adaware is the same.


Yes Defender & Symantec should run together quite happily.
Re your Vista 64 bit learning curve - you need to go through that stage to move on & appreciate that it is a good OS.
As I mentioned in my earlier post we have lots of very helpful members here who wiil endevour to reassure you or to try to solve a problem. Just post your query in the appropriate section. [ eg the temp running hot.]

I leave Defender turned on. As well as my Anti Virus program I use SuperAntiSpyware & use Malwarebytes if I need another opinion.
Have a look at SuperAntiSpyware & Malwarebytes. Both have a free version & good support forums. [As is to be expected there is a difference between their free & paid versions.]
BTW - What firewall are you using?

If you want any more info. please ask.
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i meant 6GB of ram, oops.

yeah, i just stumbled across this place. Im sure youll be hearing more from me soon. Im having video card issues and will probalby post about that sooner or later. Im using the symantec because its the full version with free updates for life, or else i would be using somethign else.

As for firewalls, im not using any other than the one built into windows.


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it appears vista has many built in protections. i think it will be ok. i never used the router firewall with Xp and never had any problems. just be careful what you click on