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Solved Windows Explorer window not remembering the size when it was last closed

When I open windows explorer menu it opens at a smaller window size then I'd like it to, so I resize it and close it but the next time that I open it from right clicking on the start menu and choosing explore, it opens at the same position and small size and isn't holding the window resizing that I did... What I've tried so far to make the window size "stick":

1. Use the Windows Explorer "ALT" key to bring up the File menu at the top of the explorer and choose "close" after resizing my Explorer window.

2. Made sure that the "Remember each folder's view settings" is checked. I've also unchecked it, chose apply, then recheck marked it and chose apply just in case it needed refreshing.

3. Used the "X" button at the top right of the window to close it after resizing it to the size that I want. And finally

4. Chose the upper left corner menu (the one with Restore, Minimize, Move, Close in it) and chosen Close.

None of which has worked to save the windows explorer sized window, it always opens in the same exact position and the same exact size (which I want to make larger when it initially opens as it's way too small for me)

I've heard that resizing the window and using the "X" button to close it will not save the size and that you have to use the ALT menu to choose File > Close to save the size and position however that's not working for me.

Any other suggestions?

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Hello Kuplo,

Applying METHOD TWO in the tutorial below will reset the folder views and allow Vista to remember them again.


I hope this helps,
Thanks Shawn, that worked perfect, now I've resized the window, chose File > Close from the ALT menu and when reopened it's remembering the size that I set it to. It's been bugging me for several months now and I've just never bothered to get around to trying to fix it until now.

Much Appreciated,