Solved Windows Firewall, Updates, Security Center all failing after worm sh292 removal.


Hello Vista People:

I am not a regular here as I don't normally deal with Vista these days but I have a client that had an infection. Eset online scanner showed it as a SH292.vir worm. it was removed and subsequent scans with Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, AVG, Kasperski have all come up clean. Issue is now that Windows Firewall, Windows Update will not run. I was able to repair Security Center using a script I had from 3 years ago on a flash repair drive but I am unable to get the FW or Updates to go. Both say "windows security cannot start the requested service, File not found"

Please advise.
Thank you
Mohave PC

Problem partway solved doing a repair install of vista. Thanks anyway
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