Windows "Forgetting" Soundcard Driver


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I have an auzentech prelude soundcard that is being very annoying.

I installed windows 7 (32-bit) and the latest drivers from auzentech website and everything worked perfectly.

Last night after windows update and a restart it seems windows won't recognize the card is even there. The drivers are still installed but the card won't function. In addition when I try to reinstall drivers it gives this message:

"Setup is un-able to detect a supported product on your system"

I had this problem also on windows Vista same symptoms and after restarts/updates etc.

I've been through 2 motherboards in my own computer no luck. but the card works fine in other computer, never "forgets" after multiple restarts.

I have disabled the on-board audio with no effect.

Really need the solution for this one.

Thanks for reading

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