Windows Live Mail folder will not die.


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So I downloaded windows live mail. I started having problems. I coud fully delete all my messages, or so I thought. As soon as I shut down the computer, restarted it and opened up wlmail, all the messages I deleted would return to my inbox, accompanied by a copy of each message. Each time I did this, another copy would appear, to the point where there were 2gb of messages in the inbox. I tried running the fixes- deleting stuck emails, rebuilding the message store, nothing worked. So i unistalled wlmail, went into app data and deleted the wlm folder. Problem solved, or so I thought. As soon as I deleted the folder in app data, it REAPPEARED! I have done this several times over the last week, and sometimes the wlmail folder in appdata reappears instantly, sometimes after restart of the os. I noticed that ESENT was the culprit of this involuntary restore. I tried replacing the esentdll, but no luck. One other note: I also have Windows Mail, and that folder also gets involuntarily restored. Any suggestions, before I buy a shotgun and pump my desktop full of lead?

Thanks for the help

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