Windows Live Mail - Instability issues in Live Calendar, and Spam prevention.


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Just wondering if anyone else has had the following experiences recently;

First, when I opened Windows Live Mail today, one fortnightly recurring event notification from my Live Calendar started sending reminders via Live Mail to me. About ten events were immediately loaded and showed as Emails in my In Box. I deleted [unopened] all the subject Emails, followed immediately by emptying of the contents of the Deleted Folder.

However, the Emails kept coming, and the only way to stop the problem was to open the Calendar, select the subject Event and delete all future recurring instances. By that time, Emails for notifications into the middle of 2011 had been received, and I treated those the same way as detailed above.

Second, for the first Email that I wished to send after this strange behaviour, this anti-spam security clearance panel appeared;

Windows Live Anti-spam.JPG

I needed to complete the clearance, before the Live Mail email was sent.

Now I'm left wondering what this was all about?

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