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Windows Live Mail - Sent Messages (cor)

I use GOOGLE MAIL on my PC and on my iphone.

Before I upgraded to Windows Vista and Windows Live Mail I used Outlook Express and everything worked just great.

Thanks to the IMAP settings on both devices, I sent a message on my iphone and it appeared in the Sent Messages folder on my iphone and my PC, and when I sent a message on my PC it appeared in the Sent Messages folder on my PC and my iphone.

With Windows Live Mail that no longer works. Messages sent from my PC go in to the Sent Items folder in the Storage Area (local folders on the PC).

I have checked the obvious and the "Save a copy of sent messages in the Sent Items folder" option is checked.

The problem seems to revolve around the IMAP settings in the properties tab.

In Outlook Express it was possible to set the Sent Mail folder to "Sent Mail". In Windows Live Mail even if I can manage to type this in to the field (sometimes the program allows the field to be edited, sometimes it does not) and insert "Sent Message" the system ignores this and puts two copies of the message in my "[Google Mail]/All Mail" folder. In addition, when I go back in to the screen to check the settings, the entries I made have disappeared and have reverted to "[Google Mail]/Sent Mail".

Please help! It is driving me nuts!

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