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Windows Live Photo Gallery

Hi there,

I'm having a issue with Windows Live Photo Gallery.
When I boot the program it immediatly comes up with a "Windows Live Photo Gallery Repair has stopped working", shortly afterwards that message dissapears and the program can be used normally.

After I close the program, the message "Windows Live Photo Gallery has stopped working" pops up , and keeps popping up very frequently for about 10-30 minutes after closing the program.

I already tried reinstalling the program completely but to no avail, the same issue repeats itself.

Are there any suggestions how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.
gameleon, I am having the same problem as you. I am surprised no one has answered you query. However, yesterday when 'exploring' the photo gallery on Vista, I began to realise that the Photo Gallery, and the 'Live Photo Gallery' are 2 different things. I will be doing a bit more digging here on this forum to see what else I can find out. As far as I can make out both versions can be used by me, but after going into Live Gallery, and looking at a photo, similar messages as to what you received pop up, ' has stopped working' 'do you want to send information for repair'., etc, etc.