Windows Live Social Object Extractor Engine


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What is the scheduled task "Windows Live Social Object Extractor Engine" and what does it do?

I had never noticed this task before. I came across it while I was trying to track down the reason that some of my scheduled tasks were not running. (e.g. Defrag, Sync and Backup tasks)

From the name it sounds like a web bot of some type, perhaps a email or URL extraction tool. However, Malwarebytes and my antivirus say it's okay.

Anyone got an answer as to what this is?


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When I first saw your question, I posted an answer indicating that it was indeed a bot and that you should rerun malwarebytes and anti virus, again, after being updated.
Since then, to my surprise, I find that I have the same scheduled task in my task scheduler. So far I have found that it is part of the Windows Live group of programs.
It is located in c:/program files/windows live/soxe.
Trust me I, too now, want to get to the bottom of this. I will post as I find additional information. It may actually be a bot; we cannot trust it just because its placed there by microsoft.

Edit: To date, I have found that it is essential to at least some of the Windows Live Software and should not be deleted, unless the corresponding software is removed.
I am very surprised, but I am having problems finding the actual purpose for this task