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Hey guys, im trying to transfer my Windows Mail emails to a MAC.

Step one should be
Use export function in windows mail to create .pst.

Step two
Import .pst into Outlook

Step 3
Use third party program to import and export in MAC compatible format.

Here is what happened

First attempt, exported Windows mail (10,000+ email, 200+ folders) into a 3Gb .pst file (took a while). Imported into Outlook (not the auto import on first start). Froze a few times but otherwise took a looooooonnggg time to import. File structure seemed intact.

Second attempt (a week later), due to the sizes and import lengths had to stop and re schedule another day to do this. Removed 6000 emails and placed in separate folder (ie everything older than 6 months). Only selected 4000 ish emails and folders. Went through the export function.

a 13Gb .pst file was created. When imported into Outlook it was the same data as before, ie no emails that had been received between first and second attempt were in the back up. This is when i looked back and saw the original 3Gb file was now 13Gb.

I tried deleting the back up file, but then when i export again it says there is an error creating the back up. I have to put the 13Gb file back. Even if i select just one folder with one email in it. After the back up, it is still a 13Gb file left over.

How can i reset my back up .pst ?????

Any ideas?

System 1 - Has Windows Mail, windows Vista and is an old laptop.
System 2 - Win 7 64, 8gig Ram, 6 core processor, outlook 2007 used to import to outlook and export via 3rd party program to MAC compatible file type

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