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Windows Mail question


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Hey everyone,

I read the Windows Mail Tutorial but could not find an answer for my question so I hope that I posted this in the correct forum.

My old Vista PC fried so I built a new rig this past week. I pulled the hard drive from my old system so that I could later copy important files and docs over to the new setup.

Because my computer fried unexpectedly I did not have a chance to export my emails so that they could be added back to my new system. So now I am stuck with my email folders that have a ton of ".eml" files that I can't seem to import into windows mail.

I tried to go through the import process in windows mail but that gave me an error.

Does anyone else have any ideas? BTW, I moved from 32bit to 64bit vista if that matters.

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Hi Carbonfly,

Try to just drag and drop the .eml files into the inbox in windows mail. Worked for me after a reinstall of vista.


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