Windows Mail Spell Checker Dictionary

How to Edit a Word in the Spell Checker Custom Dictionary in Windows Mail
This will show you how to add, edit, or delete a word you added to the custom dictionary from Windows Mail Spell Checker.
How to Edit a Word in the Spell Checker Custom Dictionary in Windows Mail

information   Information
The custom dictionary is the secondary dictionary for Windows Mail Spell Checker. It is the dictionary that you customize by adding your own words that you would like Spell Checker to also use while spell checking your message. This can be helpful if you misspelled a word you added to the custom dictionary from Spell Checker and you want to remove or edit the word. You may also want to add a word or add a whole list without having to do it one at a time in the normal way.
Note   Note
The custom dictionary file used by Windows Mail is located at this hidden system file location below. If you have changed the default location of the WinMail stores folder, then the UserDictionary.lex file will be located there instead.

C:\Users\(user-name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\UserDictionary.lex

Tip   Tip
Windows Mail only has the English (US), French (France), German (Germany), Spanish (International Sort) languages available in it. If you want or need a email program for languages other than these, then you might consider using the free Mozilla Thunderbird instead.

From Inside Windows Mail

NOTE: This only allows you to add words one at a time to the custom dictionary from within Windows Mail.
1. While you are running a spell check in Windows Mail, it comes across a word not in it's dictionary. (See screenshot below)​

2. If this is the word you want to add to the dictionary, then click the ADD button.​
3. It is now added to your custom dictionary.​

From Using Notepad

NOTE: This will allow you to add, delete, or edit words from the custom dictionary.
1. Open Folder Options.​
A) Dot Show hidden files and folders in Folder Options.​
B) Click on OK, and close Folder Options.​

2. Open the Start Menu.
3. In the white line (Start Search) area, type notepad and press Enter.​
4. In Notepad, click on File on the menu bar. (See screenshot below)​

5. Click on Open. (See screenshot below)​
6. Click on the drop down menu arrow to the right of Text Documents (*.txt) and change it to All Files (*.*) instead in the bottom right corner of the Open window.​
7. Navigate to this hidden system file location below.​
C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
A) Click on the UserDictionary.lex file to highlight it, then click on Open.​
open.jpg Text.jpg

8. This will now open the Userdictionay.lex file inside of Notepad from where you can now add, delete, or edit any word(s) you choose.​
(See Example screenshots below)​
WARNING: Make sure that there are no blank lines left between the words by your deletions, additions, or edits.
NOTE: If you did not add any words before in Windows Mail or manually here, this will be empty.​
BEFORE Example
NOTE: Deleted the one boxed in red below.
AFTER Example
NOTE: Notice not to leave a blank line inbetween the words.

9. When done, click on File in the Notepad menu bar and click on Save.​
10. Don't forget to go back and dot Do not show hidden files and folders instead in Folder Options.​
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


I receive the message "Spelling check is complete" when no spell checking has been done at all. It is not a question of the dictionary not knowing a word. I know how to add a word.

I corrected the "language issue' several weeks ago after installing Vista, but now no spell check is done whatsoever. Any help appreciated. John

I understand what you mean now. I do not know why spell checker would tell you completed and did not even run. I would recommend that you switch to Windows Live Mail Beta 2 (WLM) instead. It is a lot more stable and robust than Windows Mail. See the Third section here for details on WLM :

How to Fix Most Problems with Vista's "Windows Mail"

Non of the above was of any help from 7 onwards there is no listing as you state, Please put this in English step by step Please! I need help in changing some spellings!
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Hello RJN, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This is in English. In step 7, click on that link to see how to unhide system files so that you can then see that file at that location. Afterwards, you should be able to follow the step by step instructions given to change or add a word in the custom dictionary.

Hope this helps,
i click on All files i don't get (*:*) with it and then what do i do? nothing happens do i click on desktop in favorites link computer what? as i said this is not in English for me i am not a techno freak never had this problem with XP only wish my computer had not died! then i would not be having this agro I´m having with vista, anyway thanks for your help

I have also unhiden the files and still no box like you have on this screen at number 7?
No problem RJN. After selecting All Files (*.*), then select the UserDictionary.lex file if listed there and click on Open. :)
Look I dont know how to explain this but I do not get All Files (*:*) all I get is
All Files

then this list


It looks like you went to the C:\Programs Files\Windows Mail folder instead of the hidden C:\Users\(user- name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail folder from Notepad. ;)
im running vista basic home 32 bit if thats of any help because vista is of no help to me its total rubbish i hate it cant run programs from Nasa thats how bad vista is

I dont know what your talking about i went to notepad etc etc

Thanks anyway it looks like you cant help me thanks for the effort and vista is an effort
I can help you if you are willing to stop the negative attitude and work through this. :sarc:

In Notepad, click on File and Open.

Browse to the C:\Users\(Your user name folder)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail folder location.

Look for the Userdictionay.lex file
Thank you for your perseverance the negativity is due to the fact that vista is nowhere near XP and falls far short of expectations as not ever NASA programs run on it let alone find a simple program to correct spelling :-

I have been to notepad clicked on 'file' then 'open' then from there I cant fined your
C:\Users\(Your user name folder)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail folder location. or let alone find Userdictionay.lex file
Be sure to select (dot) Show hidden files and folders (click on link) in Folder Options first, then you should be able to see that location. If the Userdictionay.lex file is not there, then you have not added a word to the custom dictionary to have it yet.

I posted another screenshot to help to see what you should be seeing after clicking on File and Open in Notepad.

I have clicked on all you say and i only get those files i mentioned in an earlier text and yes i have inadvertently changed/added words in the custom dictionary ? if i knew how to cut and paste my screen shot id show you what I'm getting time after time and it nothing like your screen shot with folders etc

Thank you for your help but like i say vista is no friend
Well that's going to be a waste of time I have a Spanish keyboard so no Prtscn key or running windows 7 (which i hope is better than this crappie vista?)

I think we had better call a halt to trying to sort out this rubbish vista windows mail, it is total crap!! give me outlook express any day.
I thank you for your efforts, if you cant sort it out, it tells me just how bad vista is and if anyone is reading this then please do not opt for vista you like me would want to knock bill gates head against a wall and try to knock some sense into him!

To say I am extremely disappointed in vista is an understatement, I have now been mugged by Microsoft and I thought that would never happen as I say not even Nasa programs run on vista so what does that tell you I cant enjoy that site anymore so a BIG THANK YOU to you guys at microsoft for screwing me good and proper, who needs the Taliban as an enemy when our own guys are shafting us from the inside.
To say I am flaming mad with vista is about right.
Once again Brink thank you for your efforts it was much appreciated.
You're welcome RJ.

You might give Windows Live Mail a try instead. I find it to be much better than Windows Mail.
Thanks but i feel anything is better than this vista rubbish.

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