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Windows Media Center Minimize to Tray

Good morning everyone,

Is there an alternative or easy hack to have Windows Media Center minimize to the system tray instead of the taskbar? I have installed TrayIt, but it will not automatically put it into the tray, you have to go into the TrayIt program and choose hide window. I am looking for something more automatic. Thanks!


Vista Guru
Hmmm, there are a couple of ways....

A couple of keyboard shortcut apps like HoeKey will do that easily - you assign a keyboard shortcut to a particular command that sends the item to the system tray, and I used that successfully for a *very* long time....

But for some reason I though that MCEDev.com also does it, although I don't see it on the list of things it can do....
Nice addition to Media Center, but alas it did not have minimize to system tray (or I over looked it). Thanks for the link though :)