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Windows Media Player Has Stopped Working

Forgive my ignorance ... I don't see or I don't understand any remedy shown to my problem. Each time I launch Windows Media Player, it starts then gives me the message: Windows Media Player Has Stopped Working. Here's what I get in the error report:

Windows Media Player
Stopped working
6/4/2008 1:24 PM
Report Sent
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: wmplayer.exe
Application Version: 11.0.6000.6344
Application Timestamp: 46e5f12e
Fault Module Name: Indiv02.key
Fault Module Version: 11.0.6000.6324
Fault Module Timestamp: 47e4d0c9
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0010495e
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: bc9e
Additional Information 2: d831d078ba3e4f4ea78133096db5b89a
Additional Information 3: db83
Additional Information 4: fe2944b6601c0149776c03c5501f24ff
Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 788272923

Please help! I am desperate!!!

Have run Regcure and that did not cure the problem.

Thanks so much!



Vista Guru
Hi, mmcraig, and welcome to the forums.

I think you're missing an update somewhere - for example SP1....

My version is 11.0.6001.7000....


If you're hellbent on not installing SP1, then all I can suggest is to uninstall *all* codec packages that you might have installed, reboot into Safe Mode, then run SFC /SCANNOW, then reboot, then install http://www.vistax64.com/sound-audio/152850-vista-codec-pack-32bit-64bit-media-player-codecs.html as you *only* codec package (note, there are two parts, the standard Vista Codec package, and the x64 components, which you install *after* VCP).

Thanks so much for your post. No, I don't think that I have updated my VISTA since purchasing the computer, so if there is a service pack there, I most likely do not have it. I'll try your suggestion and let you know if it cures my computer ills.

Thanks again,

I have now downloaded the serice pack, but it did nothing to resolve the issue I am having with Windows Media Player. Any other suggestions you might have will be greatly apprecaited.



Vista Guru
OK, on the advice of another mod here, you need to figure out what version you are running - SP1 isn't the only thing that was released in terms of updates - is it matching my version number now?

If so, then it sounds like you need a database reset - I'll try to get details on how to do that.
Hi again JohnGalt,

You are correct. I do not have same version as you. Mine is 11.0.6000.6344. I am now checking for further updates. However, every time I have tried to download from the Windows Media download page, I end up getting a message that I have a newer version installed on my computer and that I cannot replace a newer version with the older version. Thanks so very much for hanging with me on this problem. I would paste my properties screen from Windows Media Player here but frankly I don't know how to do it. Not very savvy on that type of thing.

Thanks again,
Hi JohnGalt,

Wow ... cool tool. Thanks for sharing it with me. Here's what I have for application files for WMP and here's what version I have. Anything else I can paste here that might help??

wm files.JPG

wm player version.JPG



Vista Guru
Yes - run Windows media player, press the ALT key, then select Help --> About Windows Media Player to get the screen I posted. Then use the Snipping tool to grab an image of that one window (you can change the type of image grabbed in snipping tool using the drop down arrow beside the word New and then attach it here as you did before.


Vista Guru
OK, can you post your system specs in detail? Including OS? I have a sneaking suspicion that this may in fact be the correct version for Home / Home Premium, as opposed to Ultimate, which is what I have....


Vista Guru
Yup - you don't have SP1, among other, updates installed yet.

You'll need to run Windows Update multiple times, and if you don't get an SP1 update, or it fails (check update history) then post back here about it.