Windows needs to install driver software for your PCI device


I've had this problem before...a long time ago, and I don't remember how to fix it.

This pop up box keeps returning everytime I turn on my laptop:

Windows needs to install driver software for your PCI device.

I let Windows find the driver(s). It can't find them.

Please insert the disk the device came with.

I don't even know what device it's talking about. I haven't connected any device to my computer except a flashdrive (Rage XT 64GB); an old Western Digital external hard drive; and my samsung galaxy s5 cell phone.

these last two items had no pop up issues asking to install drivers for many times connecting them prior to connecting the flashdrive); the find driver(s) and install them pop up box seemed to only start appearing after I connected the flashdrive-but I can't remember for sure when it started.

Windows then asks if I want them to look for another solution since I don't have the disk the device came with. I click Yes. Windows then says it cannot find a solution to this problem.

Over and over...just about everytime I turn on my computer. Why not everytime? Your guess is as good as mine.

I have tried looking for solutions on the internet but every solution seems to be case specific instead of an overall fix to this problem-and many people seem to have had this problem.

Anyway, I have three unknown PCI devices and one multimedia video controller device showing in my Device Manager that have the yellow exclamation mark beside them. I'm guessing that if I find drivers for these unknown devices, all will be ok.

Can anyone help ? Thanks.


Hi and thanks for the help.
I downloaded and tried the Unknown Device Identifier. It worked to find unknown devices. It found two.
They are:
Ricoh Memory Stick Host Controller
Chip: Ricoh R5C592 Memory Stick Host Controller

SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller
Chip: Ricoh SD Host Controller

and other pertinent information in the drop down + sign box.

I am not familiar with the Unknown Device Finder and how to use it. The unknown devices are highlighted in red. I right clicked on the red highlighted part and saw a list. On the top of the list is: Find Driver. Will it try and find the driver if I click that?

Has the red highlighted device already been selected to try and find the driver if I click Find Driver? Or do I need to somehow select the red highlighted device? If I need to select it first, how do I select it?

Thanks and I look forward to your reply. I am anxious to try out this Unknown Device Finder.


Thanks. I'll read over it and try both solutions and let you know in a few days. Sorry that I haven't more time to just jump right into it.


Hi again.

I have found some time to try the solutions given to me by you all. Your solutions work just fine. They both seem to identify the drivers I need.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the driver in 2 hours of searching so far. And that's just for looking for one driver. I haven't even tried to find the other yet.

And to make matters worse, I seem to have created 2 more problems. In my efforts to find one driver, I seem to have contracted some adware of some kind from Huntersoft and from Smart Driver Updater.

So now I need you guys help even more. How do I rid myself of Huntersoft and Smart Driver Updater off my computer? I deleted them but they came back the next time I turned on my laptop. How do I get them out of my system?

And where do I find these drivers that I need for these Ricoh devices:



I hope someone can help me before I create any more problems and my laptop becomes totally unusable. I'm afraid to use it until this mess is cleaned up.

Thanks and I await any replies.


Hi again,

I just identified that Huntersoft is part of Unknown Device Identifier.

So I want to keep that.

But what Huntersoft is doing is creating a desktop icon that is trying to sell me something. Even if I delete comes back everytime I turn on my laptop.

How do I make just that part of Huntersoft go away?




I came across an Hewlett Packard support forum website with the exact same problem as mine. Unfortunately, the HP expert posted links that no longer take me to the solution (08-13-2011).

Nevertheless, the device manager hardware ID's are the very same as my missing driver devices-as well as the very same laptop I use (HP dv9812us Vista 32-bit). I will post the hardware ID's here.

Multimedia video controller:

There are 3 different PCI Devices with the caution ! mark also listed.

In order, they are:

PCI Device

PCI Device


PCI Device


Not sure why the Unknown Device Finder says .....SUBSYS_38F103C&REV_12.
When no other listing seems to validate the number 38 in that sequence. Most listings are for the number 30 in the part of the sequence.
It makes me wonder if 38 is wrong and 30 is right.

I hope this helps.
I haven't received any replies lately. I hope someone can help.


Still haven't found a solution. But now there's another thorn.

The pop up box telling me there's an unknown device that need drivers has quit popping up.

It had been doing this occasionally when I turn on my computer and it finishes booting up-while I have been trying to find help from you guys but I never mentioned it because usually the next time I would turn on my computer the next day-the unknown device needs drivers pop up box returns.

I don't know why the computer would sometimes 'not see' the missing drivers problem but most of the time it would 'see' the problem that some drivers were missing.

But here lately, (about 7 days now), whenever I turn on my computer, the missing drivers pop up box has not appeared.

I feel the problem still exists....but my computer isn't 'seeing' it. And without 'seeing' it, it's not showing up on Device Manager.

It's like the problem doesn't currently exist.

I probably still need those drivers if someone could find them. Because I guess I'm saying....the problem wouldn't just simply solve itself, would it?

Thanks. Hope someone has an answer.