'Windows requires a digitally signed driver' - How can I bypass this?

Windows Vista x64 decided to implement a 'security measure' by which all drivers must be 'digitally signed' to be allowed to install and run. I have a program which is compatible with Vista and x64 bit operating systems, however as its drivers are not digitally signed I cannot run it correctly - I recieve the message 'Windows requires a digitally signed driver' and access to the driver is blocked.

Is there a method of bypassing this?

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Vista Guru
When you boot your system hit F8 and you can bypass it there. You will have to do this every boot. There are a couple applications out there that will do this for you but the names escape me right now.

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Thanks for link - it's what I needed to get started prepping for the changeover from x86 to x64. I really like what this community is about, and how it goes about its business. Thank you.

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