Windows Security Center is not detecting ZoneAlarm Firewall


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I have ZoneAlarm Extreme Anti-virus/Anti-spyware. This software includes firewall security.

I keep getting Windows Security Alerts, telling me to turn Windows Firewall on. I don't want to do this, because I already have ZoneAlarm Firewall enabled. Why wont Windows Security Center detect the ZoneAlarm Firewall?

Also, Windows Security Center is telling me that "ZoneAlarm Extreme Anti-virus is on, but is reporting its status to Windows Security in a format that is no longer supported. Use the program's automatic updating feature, or contact the program manufacturer for an updated version".

Now, I already updated everything. What's wrong?

Btw, I am using the 15-day trial for ZoneAlarm Extreme Anti-virus/Anti-spyware. Is this software any good, or do I have better options? If so, exactly what should I download?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello zahid,
Did your computer come with an Anti Virus prog preinstalled?
If so what was it called & how did you remove it?
Have you a router firewall?

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