windows security - the system could not log you on


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I started my HP laptop today and it opened with the info that my free version of the AVG expired and offered me to buy it. I refused and closed that AVG pop-up. Then I tried to start Firefox, whatever that was in the history, but it didn't want to. So I decided to restart the laptop, hoping that it would let me to start the Internet. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to move past the log on page.

I tried many times by entering proper username and password, but each time I'm getting this error message: "Windows Security. The system could not log you on. Verify your user name and domain are correct and then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case. Verify that Caps Lock is off."

I don't know what "domain" is referring to; I used correct username, password and case. The laptop is a part of the wireless network that I have at home. I haven't been using the laptop recently (last time in May), but before that it worked OK.

Thanks in advance for any help so that I could use the laptop again.


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