Windows Vista in Loop with blue screen flash


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Hi all i'm a newbie!!!

Ok, just installed Vista service pack 2 and now I'm in a loop when booting, there is a flash of a blue screen but cant read it

please note that I can not boot into any mode! I do have a repair disk and tried the startup repair to no avail!

I'm wondering is there a way to stop automatic rebooting when an error in command prompt in the recovery disk.

i really need this fixed i do have another computer that i can use to help fix. There has to be a way.

I have tried to uninstall service pack 2 via command prompt but since i used cc cleaner its not in the temp file!!!!!

Any help would be great -


did the computer come with vista pre-installed at factory, or is this a computer that you have manually installed vista on?


have you checked the technical documentation that shipped with it, it might have a shortcut key that you press at the BIOS splash screen that loads files from a hidden partition on your hard drive in order to restore your system to FACTORY DEFAULT.


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hey buddy,

I really would like to find another way - there must be!

do you know a way to stop the system rebooting from command prompt using the recovery disk???

is there a way to fix it using the drive as a slave in another computer???

there must be a way!!!!


i honestly cound not tell you a way to use the CMD to stop it restarting,

you could use the drive as a slave and possibly recover your personal files, but it might turn out to be very time consuming (if not, a total waste of time) trying to recover from the problem you're having. problems like this usually require a clean install to put right..


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Hello tiger1978,
Is the recovery disk you are using a Vista disk ?.
You cant boot into safe mode but can you get a command prompt on screen ?.

If you can get a command prompt and this is not hardware related, then we may be able to do something.

Let us know, then we can review your options.


I just have a question, does the shutdown -a command have any effect on this or only when the prompt screen is on the GUI alerting you that the system is gonna log off?

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Hi Kato,

I'm pretty sure the shutdown -a (/a in the new Cmd) only works with the GUI showing during the timeout period included in the original shutdown command.

C:\Users\Ed>shutdown /a
Unable to abort the system shutdown because no shutdown was in progress.(1116)