Windows Vista RC2 5744


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Microsoft has partnered with Akamai Technologies to provide a Download Manager to help you get the ISO file for Windows Vista RC2. This Akamai Download Manager lets you pause, resume, and stop the download of the file. It will also automatically restart the download if the process is temporarily interrupted. Due to the size of the download we strongly recommend you use the Akamai Download Manager.
You may be prompted to accept a signed ActiveX control or Java™ applet in your browser. These have been signed by "Akamai Technologies, Inc." and verified by VeriSign, Inc. Please accept to install the Download Manager. (Additional details are included below.)

Windows Vista RC2, English 32-Bit Edition
Windows Vista RC2, English 64-Bit Edition

Signatures of the ISO files:
MD5 hash: 83cee5f1642d094670147c5350c57762
SHA1 hash: 067CA4F94D001DE6276F08F76EF0780592B64BFD
MD5 hash: 23b213d7342b2e957b3db1d98c0ee3e6
SHA1 hash: 5D8C4BCEE51F6912801800E534F6DB5A22F654AE