Windows Vista Security Center Error


I have been working to repair a 64-Bit device running Windows Vista Home Premium. All issues have been resolved except one: someone has manually disabled Windows Security Center (improperly) using advanced Command Prompt entries and services.msc entries. All System Restore points prior to these modifications have been removed from the system. Now Security Center Alerts gives notifications on startup prompting to enable the security center, and which results in a notification stating that the Security Service cannot be started. services.msc no longer has the Security Center entry in it (even when booting into safe mode), but it can still be found in the registry. According System File Checker, the system does contain registry errors. I am more than confident that this problem has nothing to do with Malware. I do not care for the Security Center itself and powerful anti-malware solutions are already in place. I would prefer that either Windows Security Center is either re-enabled properly so that I can have it disabled properly, or that Security Center Alerts does not launch on startup (resolving the issue). Without reinstalling or upgrading Windows, how do I go about fixing this issue? I tried posting this question in the Microsoft Community, but no help came... I really need this answered soon, thanks! :o

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