Windows Vista Ultimate "no available updates"


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Hello all,

Just after installing Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 on a Acer laptop (5510 Travelmate). Just after installation all the drivers were installed corrctly. But as soon as There is a connection on internet, no update are available for Windows even after checking directly for updates.

In Windows Update, it says that there is no update available. Even the Ultimate updates like games, etc... Windows is activate.

However, everytime i start Internet Explorer and closed it, it says that "Internet explolrer has stopped working" and then it restart itself..

Don't know how to troobleshoot this.

Thanks for your help..​

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Installed with another version and everything worked fine

It seemed that the installtion DvD was corrupted or something like that. Tried to instal it on a other computer and the issue was still remaining.

Just if anyone try to do the same..​

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Did you activate it with no problems?

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