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My Windows Vista home Premium 64-bit will not load all the time. I have a two month old Hp computer with not to much installed on it. I have a new Hp printer, I have norton antivirus with antispiware and office home and student 2007. I purchased my computer from Best Buy. The problem that I am having was looked at a couple of times by the geek squad. I purchased new restore disks and had them reinstalled by them. This did not fix the problem. So they told me that the problem is normal and also said it is just windows being windows. I did not believe them so I am trying to get a solution from a different sorce. When I boot my computer up on or around the 8th to 12th start up it will not load up past the black screen with the Microsoft Corporation logo in the center bottom screen which would be the green loading bar. It keeps running and running and running. This happens all the time on or around the 8th to 12th time just like clock work. When this happens I have to shut off the computer with the power button. When I restart the computer it will go to start up repair which never fixes it. I contacted Hp and they told me to punch in msconfig and then click on startup and uncheck anything that does not say Microsoft on it so I did and that did not work. I contacted Microsoft and they told me to download a free tool from them called Sysinternals Autoruns tool. It works like msconfig but more in depth. I asked them what I should look for and they told me to uncheck anything that does not look like it should be there. I didn't think that was a good answer so I did not download it. I hope someone can help me with the Sysinternals Autoruns tool or any other
fixes I can try.

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Hmm... I have 3 computers- (1) notebook running Ultimate x64 SP1; (1) notebook running Premium x64 SP1; and (1) desktop running Business x86 SP1, and NONE have this problem you describe, so i seriously doubt it is Windows Vista- unless your installed Version is catastrophically corrupted.

I suspect you have one or possibly two issues at work here:
1. Hardware Failure
2. Windows Corruption

Check Reliability Monitor for Hardware/software issues, and under advanced tools, Generate a system health report

Start>type perfmon in search>click reliability monitor

You can also check your hard disk for bad sectors/system errors. If it is not recoverable contact HP.

You should really consider removing all that bloatware that came with your computer too. Personally, I wouldnt waste my money or time using Geek Squad. You might want to consider doing a destructive reformat/reinstall of Vista x64 (delete or format the partition Windows is installed on, and reinstall Vista) If the reliability Monitor/System Health Report shows no hardware issues. If there is a hardware issue, make a note of the issue and contact HP.

Do not contact Best Buy as in the first year of their extended warranty as any issues will be dealt with solely by the OEM manufacturer, they will just send it to HP and the turn around time for you to get it back will double (if your data/computer doesnt "get lost" or "disappear") Be sure to back up/remove the HDD before sending it in.
Free software to create disk image:Free Drive Backup Express - disk backup software


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