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Windows wont start help pls ...


Power User
Hy all , i frequently installed a regcleaner application and i cleaned the registry with it but the problem is that windows 7 boots and then nothing , i can just see the mouse cursor and thats it there it stops !
I have to say the followings :
1) I tryed safe mode but it doesn`t works
2) I dont have a system restore point so there wont be system restore
3) I tryed last known good configuration .
4) I donno what to do anymore .

Why doesn`t exist such a thing like in Windows XP when you inserted your windows cd inside it booted and you could perform a REPAIR , and hell yea that was a repair cose it repair literally everything , not this crap that windows 7 has ( Startup repair , System restore , System image recovery , WIndows memmory diagnostic , Command prompt ) i mean what happened to the good old repair like in windows XP :( ...

A little help ? :-S