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Windows Xp Heap memory crash


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hey folks,

I am well aware that this is a vista forum, however you might have the capacity to help me nonetheless.

I have a 1.6 ghz HP tower, with 520 meg ram, with 200 gig of space. I have had it for about 5 years now. Windows XP 32 bit is what is running the thing.

The video card was changed, what is now installed is an ATI radeo HD series, 4300(from memory, anyways its a bottom tier video card, bought it about 2 months go for 60 $).

Norton anti virus was preinstalled on the machine.

Now, my computer has been buggy :
- About a week ago I tried to start it to get the following message on a black screen while booting : ' windows.config file is corrupt '

So I did a non-desrtuctive disk recovery, which worked. I then proceeded to update all my drivers, and pretty much everything back to normal.

Then :
- the computer would randomly restart, and
- the computer would randomly freeze while emitting a sounds from the speakers, some king of continuous low toned syren sound....not pleasant.

It would, however, reboot fine and be generally usable.

Yesterday, my computer started to reboot itself over and over again until I selected the " boot with the last setting that were functional " ..

then it booted, I got a black screen with the words " you are out of heap "
thats it.

Now i cannot reboot, or do pretty much anything else with the machine.
Any thoughts?

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I'm not familiar with the heap structures in Windows XP (and they're a huge pain in Vista/Win7 IMO)!

That being said, I'd slave your hard drive to another system and backup your stuff.
Then I'd try another repair install of Windows.
And if that doesn't work, then wipe the hard drive and reinstall XP

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