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Solved WinPlash 64-bit BOIS Update Utility that works!

Around Denver, CO
I have an ACER Aspire 6920 laptop that I have been getting issues correct on it for that past two months with no help from ACER. The BIOS was extremely out of date and could have been contributing the issues I had been dealing with. The download of the BIOS update came with WinPlash that would not work on this Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit OS. After going many round with ACER both online and over the phone I had to seek other help.

I went ahead and tried using biosagentplus.com along with their tech support at www.esupport.com and eventually they were able to provide me with a version of WinPhlash that would work on my OS. Here is a couple of links to the latest versions of WinPhlash.

Please use this link to download the correct utility to update the BIOS on a Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit OS:
Please use this link to download the file

I hope this may help someone that is dealing with the same frustration as I did in getting a BIOS updated. It is always good to keep your BIOS updated! It assures compatibility with your OS, driver updates and it helps to extend the life of your PC or Laptop!

It is a very simple matter to do and most new systems have utilities that will download software packages that all you need to do is follow the instructions. You do need to have the proper utility for your OS and BIOS that is on your system and websites like http://biosagentplus.com/can help. Otherwise don't do it yourself unless you know what you are doing and getting yourself into or you could render your system unusable.

Even if you are a tech like myself, it a BIOS flash utility doesn't seem to work right on your OS, don't force it and get a newer version. You made need a newer version then what the manufacturer of your system is providing just because you have kept current on OS updates and they have not with the BIOS flash utility.

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