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Wired to wireless internet using dongles
Somewhere our phones do not have any data plan . That place has a desktop with internet connection . No wifi card builtin and since*It is an ALL in one computer we cannot install pci* wifi card. We can only have wifi adapter or dongles on a usb port.

How safe is to create a hotspot using a dongle . If i use vpn over wifi to connect to the company's network , is there any chance of vulnerability ?*

Also , keep in mind the wired internet is LAN based and the company is reluctant a bit that using dongle will expose the network to sniffers.

Can they hack through the adhoc network created by the dongle into my our LAN* ?*
What kind of adhoc network is created?
Can it be used to hack the pc only or the Lan can be hacked too ? I do not understand the layers involved.
Please provide suggestions.


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Hi usher227-

I won't pretend to know the answer to your questions.

However, the tips provided here might be helpful-

You might also consider using a router rather than a dongle. I think most of the tips in that link would also apply. You would probably want to use WPA2 and later. As I understand it, there's a new standard for WPA that's about to launch.

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