wireless icon went missing forever


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hey folks,how y'all doin..Been trying everything to try to "return" my wireless icon that ran away from home.Turned puter on and off,restarted,dove into the regedit and deleted icons and past icons in tray notify then hit the task manager and ended explorer.exe and restarted em to no avail.(vista 32 home premium) many many times.

In task manager the name and box for it is there,greyed out of course but no matter what I do or try it won't come back..Anyone have any imput as to how to get it back.Do I need to put my utilities disk in to repair/replace the missing icon.?Wireless works but I guess I'd like to see the icon.Learned a bunch from everyone here on several other problems but this one is a little tough for me and haven't seen anything like this here or anywhere really.Thank you for any help.V

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