Wireless USB Adapter stops working after Sleep/Hibernation


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I have a fairly new (about a year old) HP desktop that runs Vistax64.

Ever since I brought it home, it has had this same persistent problem:

Whenever I bring it back from sleep or hibernation, the wireless adapter stops working.

Now, my wireless adapter is Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter (WUSB54GC).

What seems to be happening is that it turns the device off during sleep/hibernation, and then does not or cannot turn it back on upon resume. The only fix I've found for this problem is to unplug the wireless adapter and replug it in. That reconnects me just fine. But it's a little annoying to have to do every single time.

Before you ask, I've tried unchecking "allow the computer to turn off this device" and I've messed around with the power saving options.

I've browsed around these forums a bit and it seems that a lot of people have this problem, but I never saw a single hard solution for it.


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