Word 2007 can't find files on first try only


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When I click on a Word file or a shortcut to a file, no matter whether it's a .doc or a .docx file, Word opens and tells me that it cannot find the file (it also does this if Word is already open). However, if I click on the shortcut or file a second time, it opens without a problem. This is totally consistent. It happens every time. With new files and old files. It also happens with file links to attachments in Emails. Does anyone have any idea what might be happening?

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Try Word Options > Resources > run MS Office Diagnostics. Maybe it can fix it.

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I realize this is an old post but I found a comment on another post that resolved the problem for me and thought I'd share it. My default printer is a network printer but I'm not working on the network. When I changed the default printer to a local printer in my home, the problem was resolved and Word files opened on the first try. Still don't know exactly why this works and I'm sure there's a bigger issue, but it resolved the immediate annoyance.

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