How to See Vista or Windows 7 Boot Information at Startup

information   Information
This will show you how to see the boot information to see what Vista is loading during the boot process. This can be handy if you are having boot up problems.
Note   Note
This will replace the green bar in the default Vista boot screen with the boot information instead.

Here's How:
1. Open the Start Menu, then type msconfig in the search box and press Enter.

2. If prompted by UAC, then click on Continue (Vista) or Yes (Windows 7).

3. Click on the Boot tab. (See screenshot below)

4. To See OS Boot Information
A) Check OS boot information. (See screenshot below step 7)

B) Go to step 6.
5. To Restore Normal OS Boot
A) Uncheck OS boot information. (See screenshot below step 6)
6. Check the Make all boot settings permanent box, and click on Apply.
Boot Information-information-jpg
7. Click on Yes at the confirmation window. You will be able to change this back. (See screenshot below)
Boot Information-confirm-jpg
8. Restart the computer to see the boot information.
That's it,