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How to Enable or Disable the Real Built-in Administrator Account in Vista
The hidden built-in Administrator account in Vista acts like the one in XP with full rights and no UAC. This will show you how to enable or disable the real built-in Administrator user account.
How to Enable or Disable the Real Built-in Administrator Account in Vista

information   Information
In Vista, even though you are using an administrator account, you still run with Standard account privileges. When a program or a action by you tries to run with administrators rights, you must first give it permission before it is allowed. This is the User Account Control (UAC). The hidden real Built-in Administrator Account does not use UAC and is like the one in XP with full rights on your computer. For more information, see: Microsoft Help and Support: KB942956
warning   Warning
If you enable the hidden Built-in Administrator Account, it is recommended that you do not use this account all the time since everything installed and running on your computer will also have full access to computer too. Instead, I would recommmend that you use it for administrative purposes only, and then use a Standard or normal administrator user account that is restricted for everyday tasks for better security.
Note   Note

  • This will not delete your current account. It just adds a new account named Administrator that is the real administrator account in Vista.
  • If you do not have any other administrator account on your computer, then you will automatically startup into the built-in Administrator account when you boot into Safe Mode.

Here's How:
2. To Enable the Hidden Built-In Administrator Account
A) In the elevated command prompt, type the command in bold below and press Enter. (See screenshot below)​
net user administrator /active:yes

B) Go to step 7.​

3. To Disable the Hidden Built-in Administrator Account
WARNING: Make sure you are not logged into the built-in Administrator account when trying to disable it. You must be logged into a normal administrator account to do this instead. It will not work if you try to disable the built-in Administrator account while you are still logged on to it.​
A) In the elevated command prompt, type the command in bold below and press Enter. (See screenshot below)​
net user administrator /active:no

4. You will get the message, The command completed successfully. If not, repeat the step.​
NOTE: If you are still unable to enable the built-in Administrator account from here, then try this again in Safe Mode instead.
5. Close the elevated command prompt.​
6. Log off (in Start Menu) and you will see your new built-in Administrator account next to your current account(s).​

7. Click on the new Administrator account display picture icon and log on to it.​
8. You should create a password for this account for better security.​
9. You will then need to set up it's desktop preferences like any other account.​
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


Hi Shawn,

I was able to do a system restore and it fixed it. Whew! I was just testing to see if I could rename the Administrator account and, well, I guess you can! You just can't name it back to Administrator without doing a system restore.

This forum has allowed me explore all sorts of neat stuff I would have never figured out on my own in Vista.

Thanks Again!

I'm glad to hear that you fixed your problem. The Built-in Administrator account is just to embedded to risk changing in my opinion. I would just use it when you cannot do something you wanted from a normal user account.

Have a great day,
Hi first post, my m8 came round with his laptop with vista Home premium installed, now hes is a complete noob were pc are concerned, he deleted the admin account and now he is up creak without paddle, he needs to get back into ot for his uni papers so their in lies the prob how to get back into his account without reinstalling vista, and he just informed me that he has no discs for it either and deleted all the backup stuff on the second partion too, so this is what i have done so far,,,,, have followed your steps to make a real built in admin account, logged off logged on using the new admin acc now its asking me for a user name and password even tho i never gave it one so now i cant even get back my his acc, so how can i get rid of this screen and get back into vista without a password or name, tried safe mod still no joy, haven't got a PW reset disc unless you can point me the right direction on how to make one, coz this is bugging the hall out of me, i blame my m8 i wish he'd left it alone and not messed with it.

Hope you can help.

ta for the reply shawn, but thing is i cant even get to the desktop it stays on the login screen, but i have managed to get into now, after reading the steps again i realised that the user name was administrator and the pw was set as yes and that allowed me to access vista, so i can now use it again, but still trying setup the parental rights for his wife and kid, no matter what i try it will not let me access the net even tho i have setup the rights as per the tut on here, i will figure it out if it kills me or i kill him for messing abt with it lol

many thanks


I'm glad that you have access to the account again.

Do you have access to the net from the Administrator account?

I would set the Parental Controls to Allow all websites and content, then work down from there to see where you lose access.

Hope this helps,
Nothing even from the admin account m8, i did set up an account for me for testing the net and allowed everything, but after rebooting and choosing my account it still say Parental rights disabled get admin to balh blah, tried again still nothing so i evn disabled it in the management services but it still give the same error so cant understand why if its disabled.


I hate to say this, but it may be faster to reinstall than trying to track down what may have been changed. :(


many thanks for the help m8, but was hoping to avoid that if poss also he hasn,t got the discs the pc came pre installed, so he would lose the activation for it. is there any way that a reinstall over what is already their poss if we can get the disc, would that not restore the OS to original state or is that not possible?


I Repair install may do the trick. It will repair the Vista installation and keep your user account files, settings, and programs. You can use any Vista installation DVD to do this as long as it is not a OEM recovery DVD.

Same goes with a reinstall if you must. You would just use the product key number that came with his computer.

Hope that will work for you,
Mornin shawn.

I'll try the repair option as soon as he gets the disc and yea the product key is on the bottom of the laptop, so that would be ok for the reinstall.

Ta for link will read it a bit later.

Thanks for replying to my problem.

This problem was fixed already.

I have been having a new problem that I submitted a couple of weeks ago but I have not heard from anyone as of yet regarding a problem.

When I try to install a update I get error message :643 the security update for microsoft .NET netframe, version 1.1 service pack . I have been trying since 7 / 12 / 2007 some time ago.

This is the only update that I cannot install for some reason.

Can you help with this?

Thanks in advance

Hi bluedog,

See if you can right click on the Windows Update and click Details. Next, see if you can click on the link that will let you download the stand alone installer for the Windows Update. See if that will install instead.

Hope this helps,
I tried and failed 2x but had not been in sys32 folder in cmd prompt. The screenshots helped me on this one, well, we will see with time but it obeyed. Very nice forum/post. Thank you. J
Hello. Does anyone of greater knowledge know if its possible to enable the built in administrator account from the recovery console. The reason being I Loss my regular admin account password when I changed it and I am using the usless standard user account, which means I cant install programs etc. thx.