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I have a blue screen problem on my Dell Inspiron. I am on Vista 7.
My computer is shutting down more and more often...

I did a SF_diagnostic, and here are the results...
Can anyone helps me please?

Thank you very much!!


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here is the complete diagnostic, as a zip folder. :)
thank you for your analysis!!


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The tool I gave you will tell you what is causing it after automatically looking at your dump files


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Hi nanette:

If you aren't familiar with Nirsoft's BlueScreenView utility recommended by ilikefree I've posted step-by-step instructions in caweclark's thread BSOD in the MS Answers forum. You can attach the diagnostic log BSOD.txt in your next reply.
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In every .dmp file, it's showing the Hal.dll as the problem. Seems to me, there's a long thread on that somewhere in this forum. Due to time restraints, I didn't look for it.


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Hi nanette,

Sorry for the delay in response. Do you still need help?