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How to Speed Up Vista Boot Up Time
This will show you how to speed up the boot up time to your desktop.
How to Speed Up Vista Boot Up Time

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This will show you how to speed up just the boot up time to your desktop in Vista. Select the options that you feel comfortable doing and that apply to you.
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You can also view the startup logs in Event Viewer (C:\Windows\system32\eventvwr.msc) under Applications and Services Logs, Microsoft, Windows, Diagnostics-Performance, and Operational. The logs will be in the middle to show you what ran at startup, how long it took, and more.
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For more ideas on how to speed up the performance of Vista, see: How to Speed Up the Performance of Vista

Change Time to Display List of Operating Systems

A) Uncheck this option if you do not dual boot to save 30 seconds.​
B) If you do dual boot, then select the default OS to boot into and lower the amount of time to wait for you to make a selection.​

Disable Create System Restore at Startup

NOTE: By default System Restore, if turned on, is scheduled to create a restore point at every system startup (At startup trigger) in Task Scheduler. If System Restore is turned on, then disabling this will save you time at startup.

Defrag the Registry

NOTE: Defragging the registry is like defragging the hard drive. It will help reorganize and condense the registry so it can be read quicker at startup. Usually doing this once a month is good.
1. Download and install the free Auslogics Registry Defrag program from:​
2. Run the program at least once a month to keep the registry defragmented.​

Use Sleep Mode

NOTE: If you use your computer off an on a lot thoughout the day, then using Sleep mode instead of shutting the down computer will allow your computer to startup much quicker.
1. Set your Power Options to use the recommended settings for Sleep mode.​
NOTE: For how see STEP TWO (step 6) here: How to Troubleshoot a Vista Sleep Mode Problem and Find a Solution

Check the Number of Processors Used at Boot Up

NOTE: If you have a multiple core CPU (Ex: Intel Core Duo or Quad CPU) or multiple CPUs, then this will show you how to check the Number of Processors to be sure that they are all used during boot up to help speed up the boot up time.

Disable or Remove Startup Programs

NOTE: While going through the list of startup programs on your computer, you should disable or remove the listed startup programs that you do not want or need to run at the startup of Vista. The less you have, the less time Vista will spend loading them at startup.
1. For how, see OPTION TWO here: How to Check and Change the Startup Programs in Vista

Log on Automatically to a User Account

NOTE: By default Vista has you select and logon to a user account at startup. You can set Vista to automatically logon to a selected user account and boot to that user's desktop instead at startup. This will save you the time of manually doing it.

Disable the Transient Multimon Manager (TMM)

NOTE: If you do not use multiple monitors or connect a laptop to an external monitor, then disabling the Transient Multimon Manager (TMM) can save you the 2-3 second delay followed by a blank black screen as Vista searches for monitor changes when you startup Vista.

Disable Password Protection on Wakeup

NOTE: If you use Sleep mode from OPTION FOUR above and do not want password protection at wakup, then disabling the requirement to enter the user account password when the computer wakes up from sleep mode will save you startup time from having to do this.
That's it,

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Shawn Brink


I took out the 30 seconds in the line down changed that to 5 secs that speed up the microsoft corporation green bar down 12 secs to 8 secs i use to count them it took to about 25 bars acrooss to load up into desktop lol the people at best buy Geek Sqaud where amaized how i fixed the manager said wanna job here i said NO lol

I said it was you're techs that changed my setting's in the first place told me to take all thease new updates that screwed up my computer and you have the nerve to keep them on as employee i said it won't last long sent all my note to microsoft on how they where minipulating peoples computer fourcing them to crash so they could bring them and charge the costomer and make money. lol

I like the Vista Ultimate you can play games on it just have to update to the 32/64 bit it will play the games my friend here plays WOW war of warcraft and showed him how to get it working even wow was amaized how fast i get the programs to work on vista ultimate for them even the one who have the Ilegale vistas RTMS and sp1s lolol
cause microsoft said they where gonna Allow the hacked cracked version now lolol

And on that NoteI wanna Smack those to that Do The PC Vs Mac Comericals wait untill mac can't use pcs software any more ehheehh
Hi DjLevel9,

I'm glad to hear it helped you.

You do have to admit that the PC vs Mac commercials are funny in how much they exagerate things to a point of being ridiculously simple.

Have a great New Years,
To measure the effect on the modifications you made to speed up boot & shutdown in Vista, you will find attached a script which will display the reboot time of your computer.
Just rename the txt file with the vbs extension.

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Hi Sidney,

That's a great liitle tip there. You should create a tutorial on it. I will link it with this one so folks can use it to measure the difference.

Hey I have an issue with this.

Using Method 2, every time I check "Make boot settings permanent", I get the prompt to continue or cancel, but after I click "Continue" my check disappears from the box and I do not get a reboot message.

Anyone help out with this?
Hi Rockster,

This is normal. When you click the Yes to continue, it automatically clears the check in the box. If you had already checked the Don't show this message again box in step 8 before, then you will not see that box again. GO ahead and restart the computer though to apply the changes.

Yeah, thanks for the help. I was confused at first but then realized all my settings were changed once I hit the "Make Boot Settings Permanent" box. All is well, and Vista is running a lot better!
Hi Brink,
I try to find out my problem in your tutorial but found nothing likely to my problem. My problem is during boot up after the microsoft green bar disappear monitor going to energy saver mode instead to show the desktop/user account and everything is hang up there then I have to press the restart button to reboot again but this problem are rarely happen. However it keep me wondering on what is not right :o.
Please help and hopefully you can solve my problem. Thx.

Vista Ultimate X64 SP1, Abit IP35 Pro XE, Intel Core 2 Duo 3Ghz, Asus EN8800GT/HTDP/256M, 500G WD hard disk.
Hi Shafiez, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might try running these to see if they can help first:

Startup Repair:



Video Drivers:
Reinstall the latest video driver version for your device.

If they do not help, then check your startup programs to see if anything in there may look like it could be causing the hang up sometimes. You can temporarily disable the startup program as a test, and enable it again if it is not the cause.

Hope this helps,
Hi Brink,
Almost one week after I follow some of the instructions my pc looks good no more hang up problem during boot up but still I cannot understand what is the real problem. FYI, I just tried your second step-sfc/scannow, what was weird no error found. Then start from that time everythings running find. Anyway, thank you very very much.
If you know why pleaseee do explain to me.. bye

I'm happy to hear that your computer is running fine now. The sfc /scannow command will only search for and fix bad system files if any are found. If it finds not errors, then it just means that you did not have and bad system files. Your problem may have been anything from bad drivers, corrupted boot file, wrong setting changed, to etc...
Hi Brink,
Sad to say, I'm still having the problem, do you have any other way to solve this problem. I have tried all the steps you show after it happen again (before I only done the sfc command) but today the same problem repeated and as usual I have to reboot then go to the safe mode and restart again. Hopefully you have a solution to my problem. thank you.
Hi GUImonster,

Where is the .VBS script for what?? :confused:

If you mean to do all of the options above, then I'm afraid I do not know how to create one for all that. :o

Hi all. :)

I like the script -- thanks for offering it.

My boot up times are actually slower - by about 5 seconds - after running the Registry defragger and the Disk defragger by Auslogics, though. Additionally, the first reboot after running those utilities wasn't very clean -- the login screen looked extremely distorted for a brief moment. The problem did not occurr during the second reboot, fortunately.


Boot time (before clean up): 163 seconds
1st Boot after clean up: 168 seconds
2nd Boot after clean up: 167 seconds

This puppy used to boot really fast when I bought it. Then, I made the mistake of following this group's instructions, my boot times have slowed significantly -- even after I went back and set (most everything) to original settings.
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