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Graphic card stoped working and restarted

Ok, so i did what the thingy said. BSOD constantly when playing lord of the rings online

Is Vista . . .
- x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? X64
- the original installed OS on the system? Vista
- an OEM or full retail version? OEM

- What is the age of system (hardware)? Bought the pc 2 years ago
- What is the age of OS installation (have you re-installed the OS?) 2 years, never re-installed the OS
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Yeah, it's an constant thing.. Happend like 2 times in 10 minutes now. But it's only when playing LOTRO, never had a bluescreen before i installed it. And so i posted the info.
There is only one dmp file in that folder, and for some reason i cannot upload it or put it into a zip file, even though i put myself up as admin and the owner of the file.


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I will try my best without it, but thats the minidump and the most important.
Try once more, follow instructions, but if it cant be done, just let me know.
It just says cannot open file, or the file cannot be copied, and all of my users got full rights on that file. I checked on everything.


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There should be 50, and to solve that would be great.
Follow the post on how to set up your computer. Then play the game when you get 5 dumps try to send them to me
It's probably since the folder got set up when ran that program you first linked me, and i had a bsod right afterwards. I'll get back to you later on. Thanks :)
Ok richc, i uploaded the one minidump file i had. I had a BSOD today aswell, but i still only have the one file.

I just want to add that this have never happend to me before, and is still not happening in any other game then Lotr. I believe i never ran my computer as hard as i have with this game, especially since I'm running all settings on ultra high. I still keep a stable 80-90 FPS though, and my computer never really overheats (I tested it with Speedfan).
I played games like fallout, league of legends and counter strike on this computer, never have i had a BSOD before. I also want to add that sometimes the PC doesn't go to BSOD and just turns black instead. Then i get a message at the bottom right of my screen that my video card has crashed. It's about 50/50 whether i get a BSOD or just a black screen, but the game freezes first in both scenarios.


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A little background before I give the results. These reports give hints or clues and it takes more than one to get a definitive answer. So make this correction and if you get no more BSODs, you are lukcy. If you get more, after about 6 post again and I will check them out.

Update driver
Atikmpag.sys file description
Productname: AMD driver
Description: AMD multi-vendor Miniport Driver
Company: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


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Just checked the file again. That driver is fairly current. If you began having the problem, just about a couple of months ago (the age of the driver) roll it back to the prior driver.
No, the problem began when i started playing lord of the rings online 2 weeks ago. But yes, i updated the driver about the 20th of june.. but that did not make any new problems for me.

And, i just went into settings and switched from directX 10 to directX 9. Havent had any problems so far.