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Help with vista please - D: Drive query

I have recently noticed that there is very little space left at all on my daughters laptop running Vista. I have noted that System Restore is turned on for D:/ and she says it always has been. Whilst I appreciate this may be a recommended factory setting, should it be on or off? When she occasionally does a system restore, she restores both drives, should she do this?

How do I turn it off please and should we restore just C: drive when restoring or both drives: If I clear all restore points will this affect the Recovery Partition that was installed on D: at time of purchase

All comments appreciated

Thank you


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Question 4 in this article from Microsoft will tell you what files can be restored with System Restore
System Restore: frequently asked questions
You should have System Restore working only on drive with items that will be restored in the event of a problem.
You can reduce the amount of space that is used by SR:
The restore or restoration partition will not be affected.
To be sure that you always have a current back up of the Operating System, software like Macrium Reflect should be used.
The restoration partition will bring you back to day one. All of your settings, favorites, software, etc will be gone.
There are situations when System Restore is not sufficent such as a bad virusl


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I noticed that you may have read my post prior to its completion. Please read the entire post. Good luck and enjoy.
Thank you for your response: I will read all links provided.

So in a nutshell then really D: drive need never have been included in any system restore points?

Your time is appreciated


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If D drive is only your restoration partition, it is not necessary to include it in your System Restore. D is needed only in the event that you encounter a major problem and you need D to restore your Operating System. If you do take such an action, you will be like day one, again. All of your installed software, programs, favorites, etc, will be gone.
You should be making a monthly back up of your C drive, at least once a month, on software such as Macrium Reflect, that was suggested in my earlier post. If you do this D drive will not even be needed.
If you so desire, you can also download software such as Ccleaner, that will clean your hard drive, remove unnecessary files, etc. In addition, you can set it to delete all but the most current restore point, this will save a lot of space. You may want to keep a few SR points, just in case the most current, also, has the problem that you are trying to solve.
Thank you for your continued support, that fully addresses my issue. Do you have a link please for Ccleaner or will i just find it in google. I know it is easy to pick up bad or fake copies of things if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. I currently use Malwarebytes and find it a brilliant tool. Another brilliant tool like your suggestion would be most welcome.



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Here is the link
CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

Since you seem to appreciate the help extended to you by the members of the fourm, here is a little special something for you.

To maintain your computer

10 Tips on How to Properly Maintain Your Computer

Steps that I did not notice on the guide include:

Download a copy of PSI, to make sure that you have to most up to date version of your software.

Running a scan disc before doing a defrag

Using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes.

Making System Restore points, at least once a week

Makaing a system Image once a month (varies by user)

Not relying on your A/V common sense, should prevail. You know of many sites can cause a problem.

Do not use any reg cleaning or optimizing software.

Download and use Ccleaner about once every two months. Untick any registry entries.

If you follow these instructions, you will be trouble free for a long time to come.

Be sure to back up your hard drive about once a month (varies by user) and to keeep system restore points up to date.




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You are very welcome, Andrea. Revo is an excellent program. I have suggested its use many times to members of this forum. That being said, I will share some additional information with you. I think that it is best to use the uninstaller that is included with Vista. If there are problems that the Vista unistaller cannot handle, Revo can be used. I say this because, software like Revo may be too efficient. It does remove all remnants of the program that you want to uninstall, which includes any remnant of the program that may be in the registry. Registry should not be cleaned unless it is a necessity. Registry changes can and do cause problems for the operating system. You will notice that in my maintenance post, I went out of my way to mention that you should not use registry cleaners etc. Even CCleaner should be set up not to clean the registry, which is a very easy procedure.
Please, read my posts, use any portion of them that you feel comfortable with and come back as much as you want, with questions or comments. I and the other Forum members will be very happy to help you in anyway that they can.
Thank you, you have helped make another positive decision. I will now sit down and have a coffee and read through everything. You are brilliant............. Thanks ever so much


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Just take your time Andrea. Come back at any time with questions, just to learn, or to have fun. Come back and there will always be someone here willing to help.
I will not mark this thread as solved, immediately, if you have any questions pertaining to this thread feel free to post. If you do not post here for a few days, I will mark it as solved. You are always welcome to start a new thread.
Well what can I say other than thank you - after a good days work, and with the help of Ccleaner, chksk, defragment etc my Daughters laptop has been given a new lease of life. It is running at the speed of sound without an error in site.

If I can hide it in a cupboard for a few months , it might stay that way!!

I have to say your help and that of other members since i joined the forum at the beginning of the month has been overwhelming. Cheers......... :)
OH NO Rich

I have accidentally run disc defragment on D: Drive (Recovery and old restore points)

Tell me please have I done any damage and should I restore?

Sorry to be a pain


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Worse case scenario, no permanent damage. It will not cause any damage to defrag the D drive. You may not want to do it again, since it is not needed. If something is not broken do not fix it. As far as restore points, if any were corrupted, and I doubt that, just make a new one. If you have any problems you can use the most current, just made, restore point.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply, it was a genuine accident and it had already started running when I realised. I didnt just want to try and restore back before the defragment without asking in case this made the situation worse? Would it make it worse, better or no different.

You are a real gem - thank you


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There is various opinions, but it is my opinion that if you defrag restore points, some of them may be lost. You may want to use the defrag that many of here use. It lets you know if you need a defrag and it does not affect the restore points. It does not affect mine, anyway.
Disk Defrag - Fast and Safe Defragmenter for Your Disks
You can do a SR after a defrag.
To satisfy yourself, use the defrag that I suggest. Then use a system restore. Now go back to the defragger and analyze. Still does not need to be defragged, correct?
It is best not to defrag too often (this will be argued, too), use the defragger analyzer to let you know when it is time to defrag.
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Thank you once again for more informative information.

I really appreciate all your help, but I will try not to bother you for a while. Everthing seems fine at the moment and everthing is working well....



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No bother, we are all volunteers here, because we truly enjoy helping. Please come back as often as you like.