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I'm having trying to install some McAfee software but after allowing it to proceed it does nothing. It's obviously not being allowed to access the internet. I've tried their Pre-install and MCPR tools but I am at a loss as to what is blocking it. I can install most programs that were on my old broken hard drive but the McAfee is a real problem.
The software is 32 bit Vista friedly by the way.


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Hi BillTweedy:

You mentioned in your thread There is a problem with this website's security certificate that your antivirus is provided by British Telecom.

Is your McAfee software the British Telecom-branded version of McAfee named BT Virus Protect that is described in the support article What is BT Virus Protect and how do I get it? If so, see the section titled Why am I having problems adding BT Virus Protect to more computers in that support article. Is it possible you used up all your available installation seats for BT Virus Protect before you replaced your hard drive and reinstalled Vista and now need to free up an installation seat?

The BT Virus Protect system requirements <here> confirm this antivirus is compatible with Win XP SP3 and higher. If you're sure you've performed your clean reinstall of Vista SP2 correctly (and updated your hardware drivers like your network card, graphics card, etc.) and still can't find an answer in this forum you might want to post about your BT Virus Protect installation problem in the BT support community.
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I am going through some of the hardware drivers now as I had a few yellow markers in the device manager. I am left with the Base System Device which may be the memory card slot and an Unknown Device.

I will double check the other items you mention as I think the installation found them.