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Hi All,
I have a networked 2300 DL printer. The Minolta site only has 32-bit Vista driver available. I bet the interface may be semi-generic as Linux can print to it. Any idea if I could use a 64-bit driver for some other printer to make this work?


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.... I will post back Minolta's customer support reply when recieved.

Seems "Vista x64 is not currently supported", but I already figured that out on my own. At least the Minolta site's driver page did not say that no 64-bit driver was planned for my printer, so there is hope....

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Seems "Vista x64 is not currently supported", but I already figured that out on my own. At least the Minolta site's driver page did not say that no 64-bit driver was planned for my printer, so there is hope....

It reminds me of when I contacted USRobotic's for a 64bit driver for my MaxG wireless PCI card, then after waiting for a year:cry: I got rid of it and got a Linksys wireless N PCI card which works perfectly:)

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I found a working Vista x64 Konica Minolta Magicolor 2300DL driver.
64bitdrivers.com:: Konica Minolta Magicolor 2300DL for XP x64
1. Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Printer>Add Printer
2. Select Local Printer not Network Printer!
3. Create new port Standard TCP/IP port, port 9100 RAW.
4. Select "Have Disk" and browse to driver downloaded from 64bitdrivers.com


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Jace Romine

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For any of you who are still having trouble with your Magicolor 2300dl, All you need to do is call Minolta customer service and they fix your problem in less than 10 mins. I tried many of the suggestions listing below, but I am an idiot when it comes to computers and could not for the life of me get my networked printer to work with windows vista x64. The # is 1-877-778-2687. the guy that helped me was awesome and problem solved. Enjoy!!

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To use the Magicolor with Vista 64 or Windows 7 you must have firmware release 2.85. Go to menu on printer scroll to special pages, then print config page. It will print a page which has your firmware version. If you need to update firmware follow these instructions carefully. Once firmware is 2.85 you can use XP X64 driver from Minolta web site. You will need to do this from an XP machine hooked to 2300DL with parallel cable on LPT1.

Good Luck


ftp://ftp.printer.konicaminolta.net/pub/drivers/other/23dlfw285s.zip download and unzip this.

Problem Description:
How to update the Konica-Minolta firmware on the Magicolor 2300 DeskLaser.

Solution / Work-around / Answer:
Connect the Magicolor 2300 Desklaser to the PC using a parallel cable.

Do NOT reboot the PC or printer engine while code is downloading. Do NOT disconnect the power,
Ethernet or parallel cable while code is downloading. If the downloading of the code is interrupted
in ANY way, the controller board will be destroyed.
Konica Minolta Printing Solutions can not be held liable for damage as result of incorrect firmware

To upgrade the printer firmware:
1. Make sure the parallel cable is connected with PC and printer.
2. Turn on the PC, but don’t turn on the printer yet.
3. Ensure that the most recent Konica-Minolta MC2300DL printer driver is installed locally on your PC.
4. From Windows Start menu, choose Settings/Printers.
5. Right-click the printer icon or name, and then choose properties from the pop-up menu.
6. Depending on your operating system, choose either the Ports tab or the Details tab.
7. Write down the name of the port selected and the set the port to “file”.
8. Check if any other printers you may have on your system have “LPT1” selected in the Ports tab. If
so, change these ports to “file” as well.
9. Close the printer driver dialog box.
10. Turn on the printer.
Run the Paraupdate.bat
11. The firmware updating tool starts up.
The PC screen will display the following message:
press any key to continue
12. Press any key, firmware installation will start, wait until you see the message
Wait for reboot
Press any key to continue

Now, wait until the printer has rebooted completely, after this press any key. The firmware
installation continues
13. After the printer has restarted and IDLE displays in the printer’s control panel message window,
print a configuration page (Special pages/Print Config Page menu) to verify that the Controller
Firmware Version listed is v2.85s.


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am following the above procedure but am stuck here:
open local port \\.\MLPTDR_B failed
open local port \\.MLPTDR_B1 success

I didn't get the "press any key" message (yet?)
The printer shows no signs of activity and it's been about ten minutes. Should something else be happening?

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I bit the bullet and did a network update which worked seamlessly (just make sure your printer hasn't been bricked already before doing this by printing the config page from the console).

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thanks for the reply, wids.

I have done the update on my 2300DL and have the correct firmware, according to the print-out I get.

My problem is with what comes AFTER that:

I try following instructions, about adding a printer, but the options open to me are not the ones that are in the instructions. I have the 64-bit Vista driver downloaded, on my desktop, but need better instructions as to where to go from there.

Thanks very much, if you can help me with this.


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I'm stuck at the same point that TimSS, Wids and bigmutt are. The firmware update via the parallel port just doesn't work. Wids, you said that you did the netowork update and it worked for you. what did you do? can you send me instructions?


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Magic Color 2300w will not work directly in any x64 machines, period. This according to the manufacture (The # is 1-877-778-2687). The "w" in the model number makes it completely different than the DL version. Thus, you cannot apply DL drivers to the W. The W is for Windows. Minolta also said that the architecture of the 2300w was designed for a 32 bit bus and therefore there will NEVER be a x64 driver. I asked if I could hook up a jet direct box or something like it and they said "no" because the driver on the windows system would still be x32. I then asked if it could run in compatibility mode or in a virtual machine, Minolta said that no one has ever tested it and they are not sure if that would work, but didn't rule out that it could work in that fashion. Again, please don't confuse the DL with the W.

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I have a DL version, not a W and as per Wids comment, he said he was able to get the firmware installed; how? it hasn't worked for me. I'd love to know what you did to get that firmware updated, maybe if I can get that done I can try the other tips to possibly get it to work.

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emspilot posted a link to download a zip file. There are multiple files in that zip and one of them is a batch file for the parallel update. Another batch file is 'TCPupdate.bat'.

To update via TCP, follow these directions:
1) Follow emspilot's link for the zip file. Use a right-click to 'save-as' or left-click, wait for the pop-up and click on 'open' or 'save'.
2) Once the zip file has been saved, open the zip file. If you chose to 'open' rather than save, skip this step since the zip file will already be open.
3) Create a new folder or use a folder that is each to remember.
4) Extract all the files in the zip to a new folder.
5) Be sure that the 2300dl is powered on and connected to the network.
6) You will need to know the IP address of the printer:

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The firmware can also be updated using TCPUpdate.bat. This way, you don't need a parallel cable. The update takes place over the TCP network.

Simply: TCPUpdate ip-to-printer

I did this and it worked great.

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