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Someone else posted to call Minolta service. I recommend this, too. Although I was on hold for 30 minutes and it took another 30-40 to get everything working, the tech I worked with went in and updated the firmware AND set up the driver. There is no driver for Windows 7 64-bit, but the XP 64 driver works if the firmware is 2.85S. I could have saved hours of downloading and attempted fixes if I'd called Minolta to start with! :geek:

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Additional info for those who may be unfamiliar with using command line programs, eg TCPupdate.bat...

Before you can begin this printer firmware update over your local area network, you must know the TCP/IP address of your printer. This can be found in a couple ways: (1) on the 2300DL printer's front panel selector button, select "Menu", select Right arrow until "Network" appears, push "Select", and typically the first item to appear in the display is the IP Address; write this down and then push the Up arrow a couple times until you are back to "Idle" status. OR (2) log into your LAN's router and browse to the screen that shows attached devices on your network, find your printer in the list, and write down the IP Address associated with it. The IP address will have a format of 4 groups of 1 to 3 digit numbers separated by periods (eg,

I recommend creating a folder named "Minolta" INSIDE your computer's local "C:\Downloads" folder (which should already exist; if it doesn't, just create a Minolta folder just under the root "C:" directory); this can be done using Windows Explorer. Download the v2.85 firmware file using the link in the posting above in this thread, into the C:\Downloads\Minolta folder you just created, and then Open (UNzip) it. Using Windows Explorer, copy all of the files in the "2300DL System Update" folder "up" into the "c:\Downloads\Minolta" folder.

Next, click on Start button, and type "cmd" into the Search (Run) field. A window will open with a black background, and a command prompt with blinking cursor. Type "cd \downloads\minolta" and push "Enter" key. The command line prompt should change to "C:\Downloads\Minolta", with blinking cursor after it. Type "TCPupdate <ip address>" where <ip address> is replaced by the IP address number you previously wrote down (do not type the < and > bracket symbols, just the number with appropriate periods. Example: if you had found that your printer's IP address is "", then you would type "tcpupdate" into the command line (no quote marks, and letter case does not matter).

The update program will begin execution, beginning with establishing communications with the printer using the IP address you entered, and there will be a dozen or more status lines of info scrolling in the command line window as it does this and proceed with transferring the firmware flash image and finally burning it into the printer. After a few minutes, the update program with notify you that it is re-booting the printer and to strike any key to continue, but WAIT until the printer completes re-booting and its status window says "Idle" again before striking any key to continue. The program will erase remaining un-needed files in the printer memory and when it's completely finished it will return back to the command prompt with not further action. You may then close the cmd window.

As was pointed out earlier in this thread, confirm that the printer is updated by selecting "Menu", right arrow to "Special Pages", Select "Config Page" and it will print a page that lists the current firmware Controller Version (now should be "02.85S").

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This worked exactly as stated. I tried the vista 64 driver and the XP 64 driver before upgrading the firmware on the printer. Neither worked. Once I upgraded the firmware on the printer the XP 64 driver worked perfectly. This was the only guy that had the correct fix. By the way, this worked on Win 7.

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