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OOOOPS! Closed Explorer.exe in Task Manager. How do I reopen it?

Uh oh! In an attempt to solve a problem with an MS Office document, I went into Task Manager/Processes and closed Explorer.exe. It closed Office, but more importantly, it also closed my whole Desktop Shell!!! Now everything's gone, including my Start Menu and Task Bar. Please help! How can I get it all back ???? Thanks very much!


Vista Guru
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Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up the Task Manager.

Then in the Task Manager, click File, New Task (Run...).

Then type:


Then click "OK."



The Contemplator
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If you have closed the Task Manager, then re-open it with the Ctrl+Shift+Esc shortcut. Select the Applications tab. Click on New Task... and enter the following into the dialogue box (see image). Click on OK and then close the Task Manager.

This is really simple :roflmao:! ! !

  • Open Task Manager and on the File menu click "New Task (Run...)"
  • Type "explorer.exe" and press enter.
Richard ;) (No offence intended, but it made me laugh!)
Dwarf, Americano and niemiro, you guys are the best! Seriously!! Not only did you all give me the answer to help me out, but you did it immediately, so I could take a deep breath (having this problem solved), and get on with my original problem solving (which I'm putting in my next post in the Microsoft Office section). Rep + to you all, and I wish I could give you more reps for how much I appreciate all of your responses!!!!
Stupid question is...couldnt you have just pressed in the power button and restarted the computer to restart windows and explorer.exe? Wouldnt that have been the most simple way of doing it?
There was no Start button. There was NOTHING!!!! Yes, I could have hit the power button and restarted, but then I would have risked being in further trouble. I wanted to get explorer.exe back BEFORE having to shut down.
Yes, but that's not the point Blackhawk. With some kinds of issues, shutting down only compounds the problem. I did not want to do that, I wanted to correct the problem without having to shut down. And besides, if I had decided to shut down, I had no way of knowing whether I would even having a Desktop screen when I rebooted. I wasn't willing to take that chance, unless I absolutely had to.