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ReBoot Time

Bare Foot Kid

R.I.P. August 13th 2014
Hello sidney1st,

I did mine with no problems; used copy/paste to do the whole thing!
Mine includes a secure Ctrl+Alt+Dlt Logon.
And it looks like I'm the first to post after Brink... :p


Thanks Shawn for adding the sticky!

Later :cool: Ted
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CPU: Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2100 MHz)<br />
Memory: 2 x 2048 MB A-Data DDR2-800 (5-5-5-18-2T)<br />
Running processes: 24<br />
Started Services: 33
Time: 60 seconds
Hi ppl
Did your boot time become longer after installing Windows dream scene and sounds....?
Mine certainly has, it is quite noticeable....:sarc:


Staff member
Hi Sid,

Yeah, I disabled all that stuff. I haven't had time to really dig into the BIOS from this new motherboard to learn all of it's new feature vs my old one's yet.

Plus, I need to dig through the services and processes some more to do a little trimming.



Vista Guru
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I have yet to tweak or modify this system yet, It has all the programs you would ever use installed.

Im surprised without tweaking I get about the same startup time as the more powerful computers.

Here are the specs for the computer I just ran it on...

Pentium D 3ghz (dual-core)
2GB DDR2-533 RAM
XFX 8500GT NVidia
Vista Ultimate X86
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Bare Foot Kid

R.I.P. August 13th 2014
Hello all,

This has a lot to do with it doesn't it?


Here are my specs.

Athlon 64 x2 6000+
4 1GB DDR2 RAM in dual (cheap)
500GB 7200RPM WD
Running Processes: 50
Started Services: 62
Secure logon.

From a cold start I am on a working desktop in less than 60 seconds!

Later ;) Ted
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Bare Foot Kid

R.I.P. August 13th 2014
Hello TimUnrue,

I am wondering myself if it will make any difference?
Maybe I'll give it a temporary try also, at a later time!

I am going to enable automatic logon and see how much that will improve it by later.
I just "tweaked" a second off of mine, I changed it above.

Later :) Ted
Well, after applying a few more tweaks, and messing around with some settings randomly, I rebooted only to find that "BOOTMGR" was missing. I then inserted the Vista disk and fixed the error through command prompt. Because of that my time new time was:

I tried again and was able to bring my old time down 10 seconds:

I did some more tweaking and got it down to:
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Bare Foot Kid

R.I.P. August 13th 2014
Hello All,

Here is my new number with non-secure auto Logon.

Re-Boot 2.JPG

I was just wondering if it really made a difference; now I am going to put it back like it was.

Later ;) Ted
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Hmmm... I know my system isn't as fast as most here... but my reboot time is horrible...
169 seconds?? Thoughts?

Ultimate x64 and XP Pro
Athlon 3700+ 2.2
3 gig OCZ memory
Dual SLI GForce 6800 GS
2 SATA 320 gig Barracuda drives running XP Pro and Vista Ultimate each on its own drive


The Contemplator
Vista Guru
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Hi everyone,

Here is my reboot time. It is not the fastest, but when I compare it to the machine I use at work (over 10 minutes), it is like 'Speedy Gonzales'.
Chuckles...It does cheer me up a little~~ss~
I just think I have crap running that perhaps doesn't need to be..
I am pretty sure when first installed it started way faster as I was suprised at how fast initially..~
Wow this thread is great. I started at almost 90secs before using the info provided to do tweaking. The 4 core boot up made a huge difference.

Thanks for the great write ups.

Bare Foot Kid

R.I.P. August 13th 2014
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