Set Group Policy different for each user group?


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Is it possible to set administrators to one GP and standard users to another? I want to disable Command Prompt, Task Mgr and lockout all USB and CD drives for standard users but allow administrators to access all of those.

How do i set different group polices depending on user?

Thanks in advance :geek:

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Yep. As long as the policies you want to deploy to those groups are per-user (i.e. within the user configuration section of GP Editor), then you can use a tool like Microsoft's GPMC to "security filter" the effects of a GPO to a particular user group. Or, you might want to check out Desktop Policy, which provides a simplified web interface into Group Policy and makes targeting by group much simpler (full disclosure--I work for this company).


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That's exactly what GP is designed to do my friend, so just read thru the help files to find how to do what you want done.
Normal user groups shouldn't even have access to the GP interface so you don't really have one GP for Admin and one for Users. You simply set different permissions for the different user groups in the same GP editor.
You can use GP editor to allow or disallow just about anything, you just have to have a look around and read the Help files, it's all there somewhere.

Here's a link to where you can get a small tutorial on some of this - Understanding Group Policy basics for Windows Vista - and then there's a link there for some advanced help after that.

Good Luck!

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